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Daily Notes: This year’s Rule 5 outlook

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

­-Clint Manry

MLB’s Rule 5 Draft is slated to take place Wednesday, December 8, which means the following players are eligible to be taken, as long they aren’t added to their respective team’s 40-man roster:

  • Players acquired on the international market in 2017 or earlier
  • High school draft picks who were 18 or younger as of June 8, 2017
  • College players selected in the MLB Draft in 2018 or earlier

For the Braves, this year they have 14 players that fit the above description, although several days ago the team protected four of them by adding them to the 40-man. I’ve also included each player’s ranking in my 2021Midseason Braves Top 30.     

Eligible Braves for 2021 Rule 5 Draft

  • #3, Drew Waters, OF (protected)
  • Brooks Wilson, RHP (protected)
  • #24, William Woods, RHP (protected)
  • #9, Freddy Tarnok, RHP (protected)
  • #21, Daysbel Hernandez, RHP
  • #20, Trey Harris, OF
  • Justin Dean, OF
  • Thomas Burrows, LHP
  • Troy Bacon, RHP
  • Corbin Clouse, LHP
  • Jake Higginbotham, LHP
  • #25, Greyson Jenista, OF/1B
  • #27, Drew Lugbauer, 1B/DH
  • Brandon White, RHP

It’s probably unlikely the Braves lose many of its unprotected players this year. In fact, Braves Journal’s Ryan Cothran, who recently wrote about this very topic, believes only two could be taken: lefty Corbin Clouse and speedy outfielder Justin Dean. Hopefully that’s the case, because several of these guys still have bright futures. We’ll find out in a few weeks.

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